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Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Take Loyalty for Granted

John Maxwell tells a story about Tip O'Neill. One election day an elderly neighbor came to him after leaving the polls and said, "Tip, I voted for you today even though you didn't ask me."

This surprised O'Neill. He said, "Mrs. O'Brian, I've known you all my life. I took your garbage out for you, I mowed your lawn, I shoveled snow for you. I didn't think I had to ask."

She answered him in a motherly tone: "Tip, it's always nice to be asked."

O'Neill said he never forgot this bit of advice.

Sometimes leaders expect, and rightfully so loyalty from the people we've served in the past. But we must not take this loyalty for granted. Maxwell says, "You can never tell people too often, too loudly, or too publicly how much you love them."

Loving and appreciating my church family,


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