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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Praying for the Lost

Father, I pray You will specifically work in the life\lives of (name\s). Draw (him\her\them) to You. Help (name\s) to seek to know You. Bind Satan from hardening (him\her\them) from this simple invitation.

Holy Spirit, work in (name\s) and convict (him\her\them) to accept my invitation to join me in worship (or other specific event) at (name of church you attend).

Jesus, may seeds be planted through this invitation that will root and grow in the heart of (name\s) producing his\her\their salvation by Your grace!

God, I pray with great conviction that You, O Sovereign God, are able to accomplish great things in the life\lives of (name\s).

God, Our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with Satan and demonic forces. I pray, Mighty God, that You will demolish the forces of evil that are trying to capture and destroy the life\lives of (name\s).

God, I commit myself to continue to pray for and be used by You to encourage (name\s) to attend worship or another event at (name of church you attend) so You might speak to (his\her\their) heart and lead (him\her\them) to eternal life.

In Christ’s name,


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