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Friday, May 15, 2009


When was the last time you saw a Final Four college basketball team run off the court in the middle of the fourth quarter and go to McDonald’s for a hamburger or an Olympic marathoner stopping by the side of the road to dig a ditch?

You’ll never see this. Why? Each knows the value of MOMENTUM and, to maintain that momentum, you cannot expend SIDEWAYS ENERGY!

Nothing destroys the spiritual momentum of revival like MORAL IMPURITY. Immorality, in all its forms, is perhaps the single greatest killer of revival in the church today. Men and women, students, leaders and preachers are gripped with the sin that won’t seem to go away.

Moral compromise is a choice. You can choose where to set the standard. You can choose to settle wherever you want to. You have a choice. It's hard. It's a battle. Nevertheless, the choice is YOURS. If you don’t, others will. Doing nothing is a choice in itself. If you don’t set it NOW, you won’t set it later.

It is time for an examination of what you are sowing—because surely you will reap from those decisions. As you make the decision, “Where will I settle morally?” it is important to remember what happened to Lot.

Moral compromise brings temporary pleasure but long-term pain. It can destroy discernment, deplete resources, endanger others, dilute testimony, and divert destiny!

HERE IS THE CRITICAL QUESTION: What moral compromises am I making that are destroying my discernment and putting my life and those around me at risk? They may seem so small now, but they have the potential to destroy others more than you could ever realize.

How do we overcome moral impurity? Prepare for moral temptation NOW. Establish a Biblical moral perimeter to examine sin’s circumstances and sin’s entrances. There are four primary lanes of entry for moral impurity into your life: your mind, eyes, heart, and body. You must protect these so that moral impurity does not enter.

Also enlist godly accountability. This step of denying our pride, humbling ourselves, and admitting need is often the greatest step we can take in finally getting the victory we seek. Finally don’t flirt with temptation—run from it. Do not hesitate, do not stay close to the line, do not think you have what it takes to resist.

A young man asked an elderly minister, "Preacher, when will I cease to be bothered by sins of the flesh?" The Preacher replied, "Son, I wouldn't trust myself until I had been dead about three days.”

Guard your heart until death. Satan doesn’t care how long it takes to get you—he just wants to get you.

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