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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Don Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz and a few others) has a blog located at In a recent post he talked dealing with online critics, specifically those responding to tweets. When someone insults him, before responding, he takes a look at their twitter page to try to understand who they are and why they were offended by his words. Here's an interesting observation he made. "I've never been insulted or disrespected by a person who has more followers than the number of people they follow themselves. What I mean is, the people who are insulting are following a lot of people but they aren't following them back. Or at least statistically, they are being influenced by more people than they themselves are influencing. And when I say never, I honestly mean NEVER. It's never happened, and I'd say I've had about 300 people or more insult me or be disrespectful." This isn't about disagreeing with someone, or even engaging in spirited debate. It's about resorting to insults to make your point. There are some in the media who have made a career out of doing it. Unfortunately, some in the church follow their example. However, for the most part and over the long-haul, people aren't able to sustain long-term interest in what critics have to say. Phil

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Terry Laudett said...

That's a very interesting observation. Thanks for sharing it!