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Friday, April 25, 2008

Unchurched Friends?

Do you have any unchurched friends? Have you tried to share Christ with them or invite them to church lately? Here's why I ask. Ed Stetzer, author and researcher for LifeWay Research, recently appeared on CNN to share findings from recent research done by LifeWay.

This is what he shared, "Despite their negative opinions about the institutional church, most unchurched people are open to discussing spiritual matters with a friend. The research showed that 78 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to listen to someone who wanted to talk about their Christian beliefs. The number rose to 89 percent among adults 18-29 years of age."

Stetzer went on to say, "Even though the unchurched have a confused view of God and a negative view of the church, they are overwhelmingly open to someone sharing about their Christian faith... We think religion is a topic that is off-limits in polite conversation, but unchurched people say they would enjoy conversations about spiritual matters."

It would seem to me that key to this research is the fact unchurched people are open to such discussions "with a friend.” The problem with this is, the longer we are in the church; typically the fewer people we know outside the church that truly need the Lord.

What this should be saying to us, is that we need to be intentional about making contact and establishing friendships with those who need the Lord and ready to willingly share our faith.



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