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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A survey by the Barna Research Group has pinpointed the reasons why Americans choose a church. A nationwide sampling of Americans were asked to respond to the following statement: "For most people there are a few key factors that determine whether or not they will return to a church they have visited. For each factor I mention please tell me if that factor would be extremely important, pretty important, somewhat important, not too important or not at all important in your decision of whether or not to return to a church you had visited."

Of the 22 factors named, including worship styles and community outreaches, the top eight reasons for selecting a church, in order of importance, were:

• Theological beliefs
• How much people care
• Quality of sermons
• Friendliness to visitors
• Help to poor and disadvantaged
• Quality of children’ programs
• How much you like your pastor
• Denomination

(From the Barna Research Group)

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Trish said...

Of the eight reasons for selecting a Church, I would reply;
(1) Theological beliefs...Yes
(2)How much people care...yes
(3) Quality of sermons..Yes
(4) Friendliness to visitors..yes
(5) Help to poor and disadvantaged..yes
(6) Quality of sermons..Absolutely yes
(7) How much you like your Pastor..yes to a point. But more as to how much they adhere to the scriptures and how accurate they are with doctrine.
(8) Denomination...not so much, alot of denominations are actually very similar in what/how they believe.

Preacher Phil said...

Thanks Trisha.